Murphy Wins in a battle of Island Players!!!

Michael Murphy, who original comes from the isle of Ireland was victorious of newcomer Tyler Edey.  Edey who comes from Vancouver Island is new to the snooker community we are building, but he is no stranger to cue sports as he is an accomplished 9 ball player.  However on this day Murphy had just enough to raise in hand victory with a 3-2 scoreline.


Jon Shoring, another player from Vancouver Island, played a see saw match with Reed Unger, but Shoring was able to compose himself to take 3rd place by 2-1 score.  In addition, welcome to Sam Tonning, who has follow us closely and this was the first tournament he came out and played in.  Thanks for coming out Sam.


One match that was really exciting was the round robin match between Wayne Chan and Gary Wallace.  Chan took the first frame, and had a commanding lead in 2nd frame with just needing one more red for his frame ball, with a couple of reds still on the table.  Alas it was missed and you cannot give Wallace the chance, as he took it and nabbed the second frame.  In the 3rd the roles were reversed as Wallace had a commanding lead over Chan as this time and they were getting close to the snookers required stage.  Chan, no deflated over the 2nd frame lost, roared back to win the frame and match, 2-1.  A real treat of a match to watch for all our sectors, and it just goes to show you that you are never out until you are out.


Big thanks as always to Jonathan Sun and his great staff at Top 147 that help us make these tournaments a success.  In addition thanks to Rob Johnson and the gang at AAA labs that helps us out so much with poster design that helps get the word out.  Also thanks to Reed Unger provided some top notch snooker balls for our players to use.


The next tournament is a big one, the BC Open, which runs from Feb 21-23, 2020, and you can head over to the website below to get yourself registered and all paid up.


Thanks again for the support, and we are always looking for great people to help out behind the scenes.  It doesn’t have to be a lot but every little helps build the community.


Looking forward to seeing you out at the BC Open!!!!

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