Casting Call – Teenage Snooker Players

Eureka !  Do the words snooker and teenager go together in Canada ?

That is what we are looking for, for anyone who is interested in showcasing their snooker skills on a tv show that will air across the country.

If you or someone you know is between the ages of 10 – 15, have some snooker skills, and are not shy to be in front of cameras, this could be for you.


All-Round Champion is a reality sports competition series that features 10 of the best youth athletes from 10 different sports across North America. These elite athletes will push themselves beyond their personal limits to compete in the ultimate sports competition. But there’s a catch….they won’t be competing in their own sport – they will be competing in each other’s! Each week the athletes will learn, train and master a new sport. The athlete whose sport is featured that week becomes coach, trainer and mentor to the other athletes and must get them competition ready in only 3 days! Points will be awarded for performance and character. The athlete with most points at the end of the series will be crowned All-Round Champion!


We have completed filming Season Two which will feature all winter sports. You can currently watch Season One, which features summer sports, on BYUtv in the US or TVO and Knowledge Network in Canada and streamed worldwide!


This series will also feature a once in a lifetime opportunity for the athletes to work and train beside famous athletes and Olympians. For example, Season 1 featured Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson, the third most decorated gymnast in World Championship history, X-Games Legend CB Burnside and the greatest wakeboarder of all-time Darin Shapiro.


For more information on applying to be on the show, email before August 1, 2020.


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