Snooker Rejuvenation in New Brunswick

They were told by Dooly’s in Fredericton  that they can no longer run their league there because the snooker tables were being taken down.

Most people at that point would have called it a day, but not this group of people.

I saw the whole thing unravel before my eyes with telephone conversations, Facebook posts, texts , etc.

They decided that they were going to take things into their own hands and the good people at the Fredericton Snooker League began their search for their own location.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but there were tons of bumps on the road….but that’s all what they were, bumps.

Fast forward to today, just a few weeks later, 3 snooker tables are standing in Fredericton, and the league commences shortly.

The execution of things to do to get to this point was almost  military like , and I encourage anyone in Canada and beyond to take a page from this fascinating group of people.

There is only one prerequisite for this sort of thing to be duplicated, and that is passion.  If you don’t got it, don’t even bother, you will give up way before this point, but if you do have it, it will taste sweet.

Here is to hoping someone reading this gets inspired and does something in their area.

We would be happy to help us well….we are just one phone call or email away.

Congrats Fredericton Snooker League, enjoy the season !

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