Snooker Canada Designs Exclusive Pocket Templates

At last, some uniformity !

For the last 100+ years, Canada has had snooker tables with different size pockets circulating in different parts of the country.  Unfortunately, the result of this has been a lack of standardization for playing conditions, and the result of this has been a trickle effect of a host of other inconsistent things.

“It just does not make any sense”, says Snooker Canada founder & president, Patrick Guigui.  “Can you imagine having the hole on a golf course be different sizes depending on where you play?

There are many factors involves in designing a template for a pocket, these include:

  1.  The cut of the slate at the pockets
  2.  The cut of the rubber on the rails
  3.  The undercut (of the rail)
  4. The actual size of the pocket opening

All of these things have been taken into consideration when making decisions as to what the pockets will be like across the country.

Exciting times as we take one step closer to a proper standard for our game in this part of the snooker world.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and announcements soon.

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