Money in the Bank, Duncan Banks Qualifies in BC

Both Duncan Banks, and Charlie Brown earned their way to the final.  There weren’t many easy matches on the board, so both Banks and Brown had to dig in to defeat the likes of Jon Shoring, Albert Lam, Jonathan Sun, Kevin DeRoo and Brian Brown.  Unfortunately when it was time for the final, Brown had a personal issue come up and could not play.  Win or lose Banks still would have got a spot for the BC Open as Brown already got his spot in the last qualifying tournament.  Some new faces in the room, that is great to see, and old friends showing up to play or just say hello.  Lots of edgy matches, great potting, and clever tactical play throughout the tournament, as it was a feast for the on looking eyes.


As well thank you to all the players that look very sharply dressed. We are creating a culture out here and I am happy with everyone doing their part.  However, going forward players will now spot the balls and call out the scores for their opponent.  As well, it is great to see some of our players get some fan support, but please keep the chit chat to a minimum when you are playing as it is disrespectful to your opponent.


Big thanks to Jonathan Sun and the crew at Top 147 that helped us have a great tournament.  In addition, much gratitude to Rob Johnson, for bringing me some lunch, and to him and his crew at AAA labs with creating the poster to get the word out to everyone about the tournament.  Thanks to Sam Tonning for his help behind the scenes, and thanks to all the players that showed up and gave it their best.  Also thanks to Peter Singh who helped out with some refereeing duties during the tournament and making a few coffee runs.


Upcoming Events


There are no events on the near horizon, but we are planning to get some pro players from Britain to come over to do some exhibitions.  These probably would happen in late spring into the summer, when the players have a break from the pro tour.  If you want to help us out with these events, feel free to give me a call or email me.


Upcoming Tournaments


The BC Snooker Shootout Championship is going again this year.  Dates to be confirmed soon.  I am looking for referees and scorekeepers to help me make this event a success.  Please reach out to me at if you would like to help out.


The BC Open is scheduled for Feb. 17-19, 2023.  Registration is not open, but mark the date on your calendar.


BC Open Qualifier #3 is scheduled for Nov. 5, 2022.  Registration is open, and to get your spot in the tournament, feel free to email me at  Deadline to pay and register is Nov.1, 2022.  As well I am extremely pleased that everyone from the first qualifier paid by E-transfer, let’s keep up this trend, as it is soon easy for all parties.  The poster for the event and the rules and regulations are attached to this email.


That’s it for now, trust the process, keep practicing and see you out there.

David Burney

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