Singh Over Sun For a Place in the BC Open

Aaron Singh didn’t have it easy in this tournament, but he has won a spot in the BC Open.  Singh who started with a bye was in tough against Terry Tao in his first match.  As Tao won the first two frames and with his back against the wall Singh dug deep to win three in a row to move on to the next round.  He had stiff competition from our good friend John Kocela who has come back into the room after an 18-month hiatus.  Kocela and Singh battled tough to force a decider but it was Singh who took it to set up a final with Top 147 room owner Jonathan Sun.  Another seesaw match that went to a decider and to the final blue.  A poor safety by Sun allowed Singh to move in for the kill.  Congratulations Aaron on your 3-2 victory in the final.  As well as great playing from a lot of players as I noticed a lot of players this weekend were down 2-1, and able to crawl back and with their matches 3-2.


As well thank you to all the players that look very sharply dressed again. We are creating a culture out here and I am happy with everyone doing their part.  As well, it is created to see some of our players get some fan support, but please keep the chit chat to a minimum when you are playing as it is disrespectful to your opponent, and it could be seen as coaching and that would be cheating.  I was happy to see that players are adopting the ball marker and tailor’s pencil technique to spot their cue ball when a foul and miss situation arose.


Big thanks to Jonathan Sun and the crew at Top 147 that helped us have a great tournament.  In addition, much gratitude to Rob Johnson and his crew at AAA labs with creating the poster to get the word out to everyone about the tournament.  Thanks to Sam Tonning for his help behind the scenes, and thanks to all the players that showed up and gave it their best.  Also thanks to Peter Singh who supplied me with some lunch and to Reed Unger for bringing coffee for everyone.


Upcoming Events


We are having a Christmas party/Snooker Shootout Tournament.  The date will be Dec. 10, 2022.  There will be food, drink, and snooker.  The details are being ironed out as we speak, but once everything has been finalized you will be the first to hear.  Looking forward to a good day of fun down at Top 147, please come down and join us and feel free to bring any guests you would like.


Upcoming Tournaments


The BC Snooker Shootout Championship is going again this year. The date will be Dec. 10, 2022 and will be in conjunction with the Christmas party.  I am looking for referees and scorekeepers to help us make this event a success.  Please reach out to me at if you haven’t done so already and are willing to help out.


The BC Open is scheduled for Feb. 17-19, 2023.  Registration is not open, but mark the date on your calendar.


BC Open Qualifier #4 is scheduled for Jan. 14, 2023.  Registration is open, and to get your spot in the tournament, feel free to email me at  Deadline to pay and register is Jan.10, 2023.  As well I am extremely pleased that everyone from the first qualifier paid by E-transfer, let’s keep up this trend, as it is soon easy for all parties.


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