Duncan “Banks” a spot in the BC Open

Duncan “Banks” a spot in the BC Open


Duncan Banks defeats a veteran of the game Gary Wallace to win the third BC Open qualifier of the season in an epic affair.  It was a big grinder affair, a long battle that went the distance in the decider.  All the way down to the final black for Duncan to achieve a spot in the BC Open by winning 3-2.  Gary Wallace grabbed another second place and keeps knocking on the door, and getting ever so close to get a spot in the BC Open, can he get it in the fourth qualifier?  It was great seeing some new faces in the room, along with the usual cast of characters.  We haven’t had a female competitor in a while, so it was very nice to meet and see you play Margo Lisvenko, who is only 16.  In addition, nine-year-old Hriyan Dassani won his first match.  He is fearless!!!  With more youngsters playing in these tournaments, the future looks bright!!  I have attached the completed tournament bracket to this email.


Big thanks to Eric Lee and the crew at Star Snooker Academy that helped us have a great tournament.  In addition, much gratitude to Rob Johnson and the crew at AAA labs with creating the poster to get the word out to everyone about the tournament.  Thanks to Sam Tonning for his help behind the scenes, and thanks to all the players that showed up and gave it their best.  As well, thanks to Lawrence for taking some great photos.  You can click on the links below to see his work and if you are interested in getting a photo, please reach out to Eric at eric@pier5trading.com






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