Your BC Team Snooker tournament winners!!!


Team Wu was able to achieve victory by defeating the team of Peter Singh, Rick Marshall and Gary Wallace by a scoreline of 4-2.  We did have a total of 5 teams and hopefully next year we can have more.


It is nice to see players cheering on their fellow players as most of our tournaments we have are individual.  Lots of exciting matches throughout the tournament.  There were some hiccups along the way, but being the first one it is expected.  Hopefully we can iron out those kinks for next year’s tournament.  On a whole, I think the players like the different format and it was something new in the schedule.


Thanks to Jonathan Sun and the crew at Top 147 that helped us have a great tournament.  In addition, much gratitude to Rob Johnson and the crew at AAA labs with creating the poster to get the word out to everyone about the tournament.  Thanks to Sam Tonning for his help behind the scenes, and thanks to all the players that showed up and gave it their best.


Next tournament is the BC Open and it runs from March. 8-10, 2024.  It is all filled up, but it will be a fun event, and admission is free, so come down and watch the great snooker action.


Mark your calendars as the Seattle Snooker Open will run from Jun. 22-24, 2024.  We will be having a qualifying tournament, more details to come.

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