Gordon Wu wins BC winter session of the CSL

Gordon Wu, who has won this league before,  does it again.  He was the first place seed after the regular season and it certainly was an exciting final against Milad Shojaei.  Milad had jumped out to an early advantage taking the first frame, and was in the driver’s seat in the second frame.  Gordon had to dig in and was able to edge on Milad in the second frame to get his first frame to the good.  Gordon, riding the momentum of the second frame win, to win the third frame as well.  Milad reeling a little bit from the two frames that he just lost, held his ground and fought hard to take the fourth frame on the final black.  Setting up a decider, and unfortunately for Milad the flukes were going in the direction of Gordon.  Gordon took the decider quite easily to win the league trophy!!  Well done Gordon, and great effort by Milad.  As well, thank you to all the players that participated in the CSL.


The CSL will return in the fall


Upcoming Tournaments


We will be running a junior tournament at Top 147, unfortunately as I put of the information and posters that two of our great junior players will be away.  So I have decided that we will push this tournament from May 25 into sometime in June.  Junior players you can still register  so let’s get the youth movement going!!!


The Seattle Snooker open will be June 22-24th.  Head over to OX billiards website by clicking on the link below to get all the details you need to know about that great event.




In addition, the USSA has announced a 12 event tour this year.  I believe anyone can enter it, but feel free to click on USSA’s website below to find out all the information.




Upcoming Events


Shaun Murphy is coming to town. Either way the magician will be coming to Star Snooker Club and if you want to come to this event.  Please email Eric at the email below to get your ticket for this great event that goes down on June 14, 2024.




That’s it for now, but as snooker events unfold you will be aware of them as they happen.  Keep your head, keep on with your practice and good results will come.

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