Margo Lisovenko Wins BC Junior Open Championship

There were 7 competitors in total this past weekend.  Margo came to play as she posted a strong record of 10-2.  In this tournament, each player plays 2 frames against every player and the winner is determined by the most frames won.  Margo achieved that task.  Well done Margo!!!  In addition there was some real drama on the table for 2nd place as David Wu and Anton Fediushyn were tied with a 9-3 record.  The setup was a blue off its spot tiebreaker.  The excitement built as both players missed their first shot, but Wu dug in to put in his blue and apply pressure to his opponent Anton.  It was a do or die moment for Anton, and unfortunately the young man could not find the bottom of the pocket and David Wu was crowned 2nd place.  Great to see a lot of young smiling faces in the room, and an eagerness to play and practice after the tournament concluded.  The future looks bright, keep practicing everyone!!


Thanks to Jonathan Sun and the crew at Top 147 for their great hospitality.  As well thanks to Rob Johnson and the crew at AAA labs to create the poster to help get the word out.  In addition, thanks to Godfrey Chan is always willing to help the sport grow in any way possible.  Also thanks to Vinit Dassani for his help on the day and to Sam Tonning for his help.

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