Snooker Season Around The Corner

You can always tell when the snooker season is around the corner.  All of a sudden, it gets a little chilly at night, they start talking about hockey more in the media, and the phone starts to ring more as people start gearing up for the new season.


Below are a few new exciting things that will happen this year in Canada.

A tournament commemorating Ted Wormworth will take place in British Columbia.  For those of you that are not familiar with the name,Ted was very instrumental in the development of snooker in BC for decades right up until his tragic death last year..

A new festival will take place in Ontario with the Inaugural Toronto Int’l Snooker Festival.  A buzz is already starting to happen with many inquiries about things.  Of course, this will include the Richler Cup in it’s second year, the largest tournament in Canada.  A venue is currently being scouted for this exciting event.

A new coaching program will be introduced for any player to improve at any level.  More details will follow shortly.

A new program will also be introduced to keep up with the demand for more snooker tables in Canada.  For the first time in many years, snooker is starting to increase in popularity.  As such, a new program for any one interested in opening a club will be launched.

Finally, a few publicity contests will be launched where all kinds of exciting prizes will be available for everyone to win, regardless of their caliber of play.








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