British Media Features Snooker Canada

How exciting !  The Snooker Scene, a leading snooker publication in the UK,  has recently written about Snooker Canada and its most recent tournament, the Richler Cup.   The irony is that the publisher, Clive Everton, remembers when Mordecai Richler went to see him for information , when he was doing research for his famous book about ‘On Snooker’.

pic-Snooker Scene

“Snooker Scene, edited by Clive Everton since its inception in January 1971, is the game’s leading magazine. Each month’s edition consists of snooker news, interesting features about the game, light-hearted items and tournament results from around the world. The magazine has a strong track record in campaigning for snooker’s best interests, and in-depth investigations feature on a regular basis. It’s now also available via email and smartphone app, with subscriptions starting at just £30 for 12 months.”

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