Kevin Deroo Wins in British Columbia

The final tournament, the final match, the final frame, and down to the final black.  I think we have heard this before.  Kevin DeRoo needed to take care of business to punch his card into the Western Canadian Championships and he did just exactly that with a dramatic 3-2 win over Gary Wallace.  Not all was a lost for Gary as with the points he earn in this tournament, his point total made him the overall point leader for the season.  New player Jaideep Singh came on board, welcome Jaideep and is excited for the next season already.  Also big thank you and welcome to Tyler Choutka for coming out and being a rovering referee for the event.  He too cannot wait for the Westerns and next season.

Big congratulations to Gary Wallace, Dalton Roy, Heman Ho, Paul Potier, Charlie Brown, Reed Unger, Kevin DeRoo, and Wayne Chan who placed in the Top 8 to qualifier for the Western Canadian Championships.  As well thank you to all the players who came out and played this year.  I hope you met some new friends, got reacquainted with old friends, and had some good fun.

Big thank you to Jonathan Sun and everyone down at Top 147 that help us throughout the season.  Thanks.  As well thank you to all of the folks behind the scenes that help make the season a success.  The suggestion box is open, so let me know if you have any ideas for the upcoming season and we can see what we can make work.  See you at the Westerns, the Canadian Open and or the Richler Cup and if not, enjoy your summer and we will see you when the season starts up again in the fall.  Thank you all.

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