More Results from Western Canada

Mehran Maneshgar just edges out a veteran of the game Dalton Roy.  It went all the way to a decider and Maneshgar just had a bit more in the tank to achieve a tournament victory.  This is Maneshgar’s second victory in a qualifying event, so the rules state that his opponent will get the spot in the knockout round in the BC Open.  Dalton Roy made a wonderful return to these competitions as being the runner up he secures his spot in the BC Open.  A lot of close matches on Saturday and the level of play keeps growing.

Big thanks to Jonathan Sun that filled in for David Burney to finish off the tournament.  Thanks for stepping up Jonathan.

Thanks to the crew at Top 147 that helped us have a great tournament.  In addition, much gratitude to Rob Johnson and the crew at AAA labs with creating the poster to get the word out to everyone about the tournament.  Thanks to Sam Tonning for his help behind the scenes, and thanks to all the players that showed up and gave it their best.

In addition the Star Snooker Academy is having a big tournament running from March 29 to April 1, 2024.

That’s it for now, keep your head down, keep practicing and see you out there.

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